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Milissa woke up before Tina did. She tried to wake her up but failed. She pushed her and kept calling her name over and over again but nothing worked. This was when she had to do something sneaky. Just the thought made her have a smirk planted on her face. "Tina if you don't wake up, I'm tell Arthur about you liking him~" Tina shot out of bed and said, "DON'T!!" When she noticed her smirk she hit Milissa with a pillow. Milissa laughed and got out of the bed picking out her clothes for the day. She picked out a yellow short sleeved shirt and a pair of pants. Tina got up and also picked out her clothes for the day. She pulled on a teal tank top and some pants.

"Hey wanna know what I was dreaming of?" Tina asked with a huge smile on her face. Milissa nodded. "Well I was dreaming about the day we met the guys."

"Really? That was so long ago but I still remember it." Milissa commented as a smile grew onto her face.


Milissa and Tina were out playing in a huge field where they always go to play tag and collect flowers and other things that they two young girls do. They were playing tag at the time and Milissa was getting chased by Tina. Milissa soon saw a tree. Lucky for Milissa, since she was half cat she could climb trees and with Tina being half wolf, she couldn't. As Milissa was about to run up the tree, Tina got close enough to her that Milissa got tagged. Tina turned around and ran the other way from Milissa as Milissa chased after her. Tina was a fast runner so she was able to dart ahead of Milissa. Tina looked over her shoulder and yelled, "Can catch me!" With that and not watching where she was going, she ran into something and fell down.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL YOU WANK..." A voice yelled at Tina but soon stopped. Tina looked up at the person she ran into and saw face that was slightly blocked off by a black hood. She was looking up at emerald green eyes that were looking down at her. She smiled at him as he helped her up.

"O-Oh bloody hell! I-I am terribly sorry for t-that! A-Are you alright poppet?" Tina giggled blushing slightly and nodded her head, "Yes. I'm alright! It was my fault anyways, I was playing tag with my friend and looked back to see how far away she was. That's when I ran into you. I'm Tina!" Tina held out her hand to the boy about her age. He looked at her a little confused but still shook her hand. "I-I'm En....I-I mean Arthur! I'm Arthur." Before Tina could respond, she got tackled onto the floor by a half cat Milissa. Milissa looked up and saw the young boy and squeaked.

"Hey are you a neko?" Arthur asked. Milissa looked at Tina and Tina crossed her arms. "Well of course she is a neko! Since she can't keep her ears and tail hidden we have
to tell you the truth Arthur. I'm a wolf while Milissa here is a cat." With that Tina showed her ears and tail. Arthur looked surprised at this and it took a while for all the information to sink into his head. Before he could say anything there was a calling and a few other boys running up towards him.

"Iggy!! We found you!" A little boy ran up and tackle-hugged Arthur. Arthur sighed and said, "Ello Alfred. Tina, Milissa, this is my younger brother Alfred. Alfred where's
Matthew and the others?" Alfred looked up at Tina and Milissa having this huge smile on his face and, ignoring his older brother, said to the two girls, "Wow! Are you two part dog and cat?! That is awesome! I'm the hero!!" The girls giggled and noticed that there was another boy who looked like Alfred holding a small bear, a boy with blonde curly hair, one with a long scarf, 2 boys with curls in their hair and another one with a cross around his neck. All of them were running up to Arthur and Alfred.

"Big Brother....*pant* Alfred and I were getting worried and...*pant,pant* then Alfred ran off to find you...I tried to stop him but I couldn't catch him...I-I'm sorry..." The young boy that looked like Alfred said through long pants. Arthur looked down at the boy and sighed. "Don't worry Matthew. I'm not upset. I was just about to come back and get you two. Well now that you're here, these two girls are..."

"ARTHUR YOU BASTARD!!" One of the boys with curls in their hair yelled at him. The yelling scared the two small boys and made the girls squeak. Arthur waited until the
boy stopped yelling and also waited for all the rest to catch up before introducing everyone to one another. So to the girls and to some of the boys, it was really confusing.

~~End Flashback~~

There was a knock on the door which took the girls out of their trance. At the door was Ludwig with Feliciano coming to get the girls for breakfast and to see if they are still alive. The girls went down to the table and got greeted by all the guys.

"Good morning Tina and Milissa. Did you sleep well?" Matthew asked with a small smile on his face as he still had his teddy bear in his arms. Just with Matthew holding his bear made the girls think of the first time they met.

"Yeah we were REALLY tired. Especially the mutt." Milissa giggled smirking at Tina, "Until I got her up." Tina's face grew into a deep blush as she glared at Milissa while getting some milk. Matthew giggled too but soon whined when Alfred snatched away his bear.

"ALFRED GIVE MR.KUMAJIROU BACK!!" Alfred laughed and held his bear up in the air where Matthew can't reach. "HAHAHA!! Reach for it Matt!" Matthew kept jumping up and down but failed to get it. While Alfred laughed the whole time until someone grabbed it out of his hands. He looked back to see that it was Arthur.

"Alfred that isn't very nice! You know how Matthew feels about Mr.Kumajirou!" Arthur glared at him and Alfred gave a pouting face. "Aww...Iggy, I was just having fun! No harm was done! Can't the hero have SOME fun?" Arthur glared at Alfred even more and gave Matthew his bear.

"That wasn't very nice of you and it upset our brother!"

"But it was just a joke!"

"I DON'T BLOODY CARE! It was NOT funny to me and Matthew! Next time don't be such a..."

"Arthur stop with the fighting!! You boys haven't even told us what we are going to do today!" Tina yelled at them, breaking up the fight when the boys saw her ears twitching with irritation.
Here is the 2nd chapter and sorry that it took me a while to get it up here. I left my brain somewhere and it took me a while to find it.

Part 1:[link]
Part 3:[link]
Please look at these stories and please vote! [link] and [link]

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