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Tina and Milissa were invited by their closest friends to their private island to stay for the entire summer break from school. Since that the two girls had nothing planned, they decided to go. Their closest friends were all guys but they were still fun to be around. Ivan, Arthur, Alfred, Ludwig, Feliciano, Matthew, Romano, and Francis were their names. With the two girls, they were waiting to get a ride from Alfred, Matthew, and Arthur. They were all brother, Arthur being the oldest by a year. Matthew and Alfred were twins but had WAY different personalities.

The girls started to get impatient and bored waiting for them to come. Also their arms were getting tired holding up their MANY bags that they had. Right when they were about to drop all of them, the guys came to their advantage. Arthur and Alfred came out greeting the girls. Matthew was asleep in the car holding onto his favorite bear. He looked so cute when he was asleep.

"Are you dudes ready to have an AWESOME summer?!" Alfred exclaimed as he picked up some of the bags on the ground. "I sure am!" Milissa responded smiling as she put some bags in the trunk of Alfred's big car. Arthur helped Tina with her bags and after a while, they got all the things in there and the girls hopped in the back behind the drivers seat.

Arthur sat with the two girls while Alfred drove and Matthew sitting shotgun. Tina was in the middle of them both talking to Milissa the whole ride. Arthur kept looking over at Tina smiling. Arthur had a huge crush on Tina and all the guys knew about this and always bother him about never making a move on her. It was the same story with Ivan. He had a crush on Milissa but no one would ever mess with him! The two girls liked them also but were too shy to ever say anything. The girls knew about each others crushes and time to time made fun of each other.

It took a while to get there and the two girls started yawning, soon falling asleep. The girls slept for about an hour or two before getting woken up by an Alfred practically yelling in their ears saying, "We're here!!" Tina and Milissa groaned at the loud noise.

"Iggy carry me there!" Tina said leaning on his arm, causing Arthur to tense up a little. Iggy was Arthur's nickname that Alfred gave him when he was younger. All the other guys were there waiting for Alfred, Arthur, Matthew, Milissa, and Tina. Ludwig and Ivan helped get the rest of the bags on the ship as the rest were looking at Arthur snickering. The only people that were tired at this point were the two girls.

Ivan picked up Milissa since she was dead asleep while Arthur picked up Tina blushing. Francis came up to Arthur and said, "Ohononon~ Someone is having fun already I can tell, non?~" This caused Arthur to want to yell at Francis but didn't afraid of waking up Tina. He just stormed off onto the ship that will lead them all to the private island and placed her down onto a bed.

~~Le Time Skip~~

There were three cabins in the forest, slightly away from the beach. Tina and Milissa shared one while the guys decided who was with who. After settling down that, everyone went to bed. They all needed it.

~~Lets check on Ivan, Arthur, Francis, Alfred, and Matthew~~

"Arthur dude! You totally need to make a move on Tina!" Alfred said to Arthur who was changing his shirt. At the mention of Tina, Arthur blushed a deep red and looked away from Alfred.  "I-I don't know what you are talking about..." He said nervously. Ivan saw that blush and said, "Da! The only reason why we invited the girls here was to ask them out and get closer to them. I will with Milissa as long as you will with Tina, da?" He held out his hand to make the agreement. Arthur sighed in defeat knowing that there
was no point into fighting with Ivan and shook his hand.

"Now Arthur and Ivan~ You both must remember not to tell the two girls that we are all countries." Francis said. Arthur growled at him and yelled, "BLOODY FROG!! WE ALREADY KNOW NOT TO TELL THEM THAT!!!"

"Dude England, no need to yell. Besides the babes wouldn't even believe us!" Alfred said still smiling but his smiled faded away once he say the look on Ivan's and Arthur's face. They really wanted to tell the two girls, especially since they told all the guys their secret. Tina and Milissa aren't humans. Tina is a werewolf and Milissa is a neko. They just hide their animal features but from time to time they show them. This made the two boys feel guilty for not being able to tell their crushes about their secret.

"Ivan, Arthur. As much as you want to tell them, you just can't. We all will be in BIG trouble." Matthew said holding onto his bear tighter. Ivan and Arthur got into the beds.

"Da.....We won't tell....." Ivan said his smile was completely off of his face. Arthur placed his head on his pillow and sighed out, "We won't tell the girls....good night."


"Good night"

"Boone nuit"

"Spokoinoi nochi"
This has mine and hungary4hetalia's OC characters. Sorry for Japan and China lovers but they aren't in here. Names are too complicated.

Part 2:[link]
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creativehelper14 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
So good! I love it~!
kalafinas Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
Hey England I like it but maybe you should add a bit more description like what country their in, and maybe explain why all of the countries are there and how did they meet?
espeon10 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Student Writer
I guess I will. Thanks for the tip~
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