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~~Arthur's POV~~

I woke up to hear that my crew was already working on the deck. Same with Alfred so I was holding onto the bed. I shot up and looked for _____ but she wasn't there. I quickly put on my coat and hat then rushed out onto deck.

"ALRIGHT MEN!! LET'S HEAD OFF TO SHORE!!" I heard a familiar female voice yell. Was _____ being the captain? I looked onto deck making sure that non of the land lovers see me.

"Cap'ain ______! Land Ahoy!" I heard Sniper yell to her. She must have been doing really well to have him listen to her! I chuckled and quietly walked up to her. She was too busy to noticed that I was behind her. Sniper saw me and smirked. He pointed behind me and that was when _____ turned. I smashed my lips onto her's with all my might. The crew stopped working and blew dog whistles and started cheering. _____ got the hang of it and wrapped her arms around me as I grabbed her arse. She jumped slightly and I pulled her closer to me. She broke away from the kiss and there was a trail of saliva dripping from her mouth.

"Now why is my lady being the captain?" I smirked to her and her face grew flushed. She started to stutter her words getting nervous. "I-I-I....I-I'm just so excited... in s-s-seeing R-Romano...." I kissed her cheek and placed my hat onto her head. "Go ahead until we get to shore. You be the captain. If anyone doesn't follow your orders then come and talk to me. I'll make sure they do EVERYTHING you say." He face lite up as she smiled with joy. She hugged me and then yelled back to the crew.

"WHAT ARE ALL YE GITS DOING JUST STANDING HERE?! GET YE ARSES BACK TO WORK!!" I have to say, she looked damn sexy like that. I did like how she acted dominate when she really is sensitive.

~~Your POV~~

"TAKE US TO SHORE MEN!! WE BE SURPRISIN' CAPTAIN ANTONIO TONIGHT!" I yelled at the crew. I hopped up onto one of the barrels near me and grabbed a telescope to look how far the harbor was. It didn't seem too far, which made me even more excited then ever before.

~~Small and Quick Time skip~~

We got to shore quickly and I was so excited that I almost jumped off the ship to swim to shore! But I got held back so I wouldn't drown in the water. Once we got there Kirkland took off my hat and placed it back onto his head. I tried grabbing it back just to hear him tsk at me.

"Now I said until we get to shore! Ye don't want to be getting a punishment later do ye?" He smirked chuckling slightly. I pulled the hat back on my head and said, "What if I want a punishment?" He gave me a kiss and responded, "Then ye will get one!"

Alfred came up and tugged on Arthur's coat. "Big brother!! What are we going to do once we get onto Captain Antonio's ship?" Arthur picked him up, placing him on his shoulders and shouted, "WE TAKE WHAT THEY STOLE FROM US!!" All of the crew cheered back at him. I shook my head and just laughed. Everyone knew that Arthur was bluffing. We were just visiting Romano though Arthur did look serious.

I looked up at Alfred and smiled. He seemed to adore his big brother and with the small time I was with him, he talked about Arthur constantly. I gave a small chuckled remembering how Alfred said how much of a great pirate and brother he was.

Most of the crew instantly went off to the bar but not me. I took Alfred walking at the beach, where he kicked the sand around and was running off every now and then so I had to run off after him. At one point, Alfred ran back to me and hid behind my legs. I was confused at this and looked over to what he was so afraid at. My eyes widened seeing who he was looking at and a huge smile appeared on my face.

"ROMA!!!~~" I ran over to the Italian who was standing on the sand, looking out to sea and I gave him a huge hug knocking him down to the ground. He pulled out his dagger and flipped up over so he was on top of me. The cold blade was against my neck and he was about to kill.

"WHO ARE YOU BASTARD?!" He growled darkly. All I did was laugh though on the inside I was a little afraid, we hadn't seen each other in so long that I'm not so surprised that he doesn't remember me.

"Now I'm surprised you don't remember your only best friend Roma~ Well if I MUST remind you, I'm ______. You know _____, your best friend ever since we were children?" A small smirk was on my face as I looked up seeing a faint blush on Romano's face as he noticed it was me and how he was on top of me. He quickly got off and put away his dagger, "Idiot! Don't surprise me like that, I could have killed you!!"
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I am so glad you enjoy it. Trust me when I say this that I am working on my stories! I really am! So please be patient.
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That... I can not tell you yet love, but dont worry. The Italy's will be united later on in the story... maybe~
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