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England X OC

I then heard Alistar yell, "Call Arthur ye git!" I then blacked out.


I moved my head around a few times. I was in so much pain, it felt that someone kept beating me with a mallet and I the pain keeps increasing. Like no matter how much I try, I can't just pass away from this pain. I whimpered and i felt something wet and kinda cold run down my cheeks. I quickly opened up my eyes to see that there were doctors and some nurses all surrounding me. In the corner of my eye, I saw Arthur getting held back by Alistar, Collin, and some other man. Arthur was crying and fighting with all his might to break through them. The doctors let out a sigh of relief and backed away from me. One of them said, "Alright Miss Rain, you may try to sit up. Just be very careful." I blinked a few times but eventually I tried to sit up and it didn't hurt like last time. In fact, it didn't hurt at all!

I looked over at Arthur and he stopped fighting and just stood there. He was still crying but it was less than before. Allistar walked up to me and held out his hand. I questioned him but still took his hand. He helped me up and brought me over to Arthur. Arthur and I looked at each other for what seemed like forever until he finally broke the space between us and pulled me into a hug.

"You were out for a few hours....You had me so bloody worried!......But..I can't get mad at you." He whispered into my ear. I slowly wrapped my arms around him. It didn't hurt when he hugged me, I'm just not very used to it much so it was a little surprising. One of the doctors came up to us and said, "Well, it is good to see you healthy Miss Rain. I think that you will be able to go home. Mr. Kirkland, if she has any trouble breathing I highly suggest that you bring her back to the hospital. Though I don't think that she would have any more trouble but just incase."

Arthur looked up at him and nodded, "I will doctor. Thank you. Come on love, lets get you home." He took my hand and walked me out of the building along with the other men and they lead me to a car. It seemed to have enough room for all of us.

"Oh Tina, I think that you should sit in the back with Arthur." The man I didn't know yet said to me. I gave him a confused look. Allistar looked at me and said, "Oy! Ye may not remember but this her' his Ian." I nodded and then looked up at Ian. He didn't seem happy really but then again, Arthur did say that I was in out of it for a few hours. I got into the car and everyone else followed.

~~Bloody Time Skip!!!~~

I was looking out of the window the whole time. It was at least 3 hours since we left the hospital. I wonder who's house we are driving to. I felt someone looking at me causing me to look away from the window and look up to see emerald green eyes looking into my blue eyes. I felt my face heat up and I turned away from the orbs looking down at me. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I heard Arthur whisper to me, "Everything alright love?" This sent shivers down my spine. I quickly nodded my head making sure not to have eye contact.

I noticed that it was starting to get late. I let out a small yawn and tried to keep myself awake. It was very hard though, I eventually leaned my head onto Arthur's arm. He then wrapped a arm around me and stroked my hair. It made me relax and soon a found myself yawning nonstop. I looked up at Arthur who was smiling and giving out a few chuckles. He then lifted my chin with his hand and leaned down to me, giving me a small kiss on my lips.

I was instantly awake now and my eyes widened. There was this feeling inside of me when I was around him. Like there were a bunch of butterflies in my stomach and they were fluttering around. It made my face heat up in a blazing fire and it also made me nervous and very shy when I looked him in the eyes. Before I knew it, Arthur stopped kissing me and seemed to be upset.

I tilted my head and said, "A-Am I really supposed to be your wife?" He looked at me shocked and seemed to be angry.

"Bloody Hell yes!! After all of the things that you forget, how can you forget the most important thing!?" He looked away from me and didn't say anything for a while until he broke the silence. "I am glad that you forget the fight we had. After the fight, you ran off into the cold night and I thought that I lost you forever. I saw you crying and quickly grabbed my things to find you. It was the worst bloody day of my life. I ran and screamed your name but there was never an answer. I ran back home and that was where I got the phone call from Elizabeta and Natalia saying how they found you on the ground with a shot in you head and chest....Bloody hell! Do you know how worried I thought! I thought that once you saw me that you were going to tell me to get out and that we weren't going to get married any more and how I was ungrateful. Which I am! If I wasn't then we wouldn't be in this mess. I am so bloody sorry Tina."

By now we were at a huge house and Arthur walked me into this beautiful room. The walls were coated with a lavender color and the bed was covered with wine stained sheets. It was absolutely beautiful that I was too distracted to find out the Arthur had started crying.

I looked over to see him weeping his heart out. Then I noticed something else. On his left hand, he was wearing a ring. I looked down at my hand but there wasn't any ring. I would think that there would be a ring on both of our hands. "Arthur, how come there isn't a ring on my hand?" He looked up at his hand and then back to me. He wiped his tears away and said, "Well....You throw your ring at me because you were so angry. I still have it if you would like it." I nodded in approval and he went into what seemed to be the bathroom. I sat down onto the bed and placed my head onto the pillow.

The thing that kept haunting me was that one voice. 'Next time...Choose me instead of that Brit...' Every time it sends shivers down my spine but not the kind that Arthur made me have. That made me happy and special. This kind was a terrifying one. It scared me.
Here is part 3 and I know that it may have taken a while to get up but still. Give me some credit, I am trying my best to make this the best I can.

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Part 4: Soon
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