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England X OC

"I....I am so confused..." I was breathing hard again this time and he helped me lay back now and laid down next to me, pulling me into his arms.

"I know Tina....I know..." Was all he said until I fell asleep desperate to remember what happened.


I woke up with the same man next to me. What was his name again? I think it was something like Arthur...Arthur that's it! He had an arm around my waist. I looked over at him. There was no emotion in my face. How could there be? I don't remember him at all but he claims to be my husband to be. So what happened before that? All that I DO remember is that one voice saying, 'Next time...Choose me instead of that Brit...' but everything after and before that I can't remember. I heard a groan and left my thoughts to see some amazing emerald green eyes that I could get lost in, which I did find myself doing. I just couldn't look away even if I wanted to. I also didn't even notice that he was talking.

"Tina....Tina...Tina!" I blinked a few times and moaned out, "What?" My voice sounded very soft and quiet.

"Tina, did you sleep well? The nurses here allowed me to stay but I am going to need to leave soon alright? I don't want to leave you but every chance I get, I will come here and stay by your side." He placed a hand on my cheek. He felt really warm compared to myself. I felt so cold that I just now noticed exactly how close I was to him. My head was so close to his chest that I could hear the rhythm of his heart. I started to listen more carefully while he stroked my head. My eyes soon closed as he started to hum a song that sounded so familiar yet I don't know what it was.

It felt like forever until there was footsteps coming up to me and Arthur. I shifted my head looking up and saw that there was a man with red hair, green eyes, and had an upset face. He was wearing a blue jacket, a white shirt underneath, and a dark blue tie on. He also had on black gloves and a white sash around his left shoulder. "How is the lass Arthur?" He had a different accent then Arthur but it sounded a little bit the same.

Arthur looked up at the man and said, "She can't remember anything Alistar. I'm grateful that you can come and be with her while she is in this condition..." Arthur then got up out of the bed and let go of me. "I need to go Tina...My brother Alistar will stay here with you until I return...." He placed a hand on my cheek and bent down to kiss my forehead. "Please get some rest until I return. I love you." With that, he then walked out of the room but he looked over his shoulder and smiled at me. The smile was full of sorrow and pleading. It made me want to cry when my view of him vanished.

Alistar sat down on the bed and said, "Ye alright lass? Me and me other broths are very worried about you. Don't worry though, we will be helpin ye and Arthur." I sat up on the bed and looked over at the man. Something about him made my skin crawl but I thought that it was because of me being weak. He patted my head lightly and smiled down at me. I rubbed my eyes and there were more footsteps running up to the room. Soon there was a man by the door, hands on his knees and panting. My guess was from how much he was running. He had lighter hair then Alistar's but he had blueish-green eyes. He was wearing a light green jacket on top of a white shirt with a brown tie. He had a black sash on that wrapped around his right shoulder. Also had black gloves on.

He finally got a hold of himself and walked over to the bed. He looked at Alistar and asked, "Is she alright? I came as fast as I could and Ian should be here soon. He is worried about her also." I tilted my head at the man and tried to get up but like all the other times, I got a shot of pain through me and fell back down breathing heavy.

"Be careful lass! Ye don't want to hurt ye'self again! The nurse said to stay down and relax or it will 'urt even more." Alistar said to me. He seemed to be angry but I just ignored it and continued to breath as my eyes were half open.

"Need me to go get a nurse?" The man said. Alistar nodded and responded, "Yes Collin. Hurry!" The man named Collin rushed out the door and before I could see anything else, my eyelids gave in and everything went black but I still could hear everything around me but it mixed with my breathing since it was so loud and hard.

I laid there and listened to everyone. There were a few more voices, my guess is the doctor and a nurse or two along with Alistar and Collin. Soon I felt something cold on my mouth and nose. I also heard a beeping noise. I then heard Alistar yell, "Call Arthur ye git!" I then blacked out.
Here is part 2~ Bringing in Scotland and Northern Ireland! Next time Whales and Southern Ireland will be here~

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