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England X OC

'Next time...Choose me instead of that Brit...'


Everything soon went black...


I was breathing hard and had forgotten where I was but everything was black. I started walking and soon saw a bight light. I walked closer up to the light to see that it was a door. I was about to open it until I heard something.

"TINA!!" I looked behind me to see no one was there.

"TINA PLEASE WAKE UP!! YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP!!" I looked at the door again but it was gone. I started to panic and then I was blinded by bright lights.

I slowly opened up my eyes to see unfamiliar faces. There were at least 8 people surrounding me. I look up to see one of them crying nonstop, he was a man. I sit up only to get a shot of pain to my head and chest, causing me to moan in pain and fall back down. Everyone had a shock expression, some even gasped. The man looked up in my eyes and all I saw was a blurry glimpse of emerald green eyes. I heard the man call my name but it still was so blurry. Everything was! I blinked a few time to try to get a better view. After a while my vision starts working and the first thing I see is a better look at the emerald orbs. I got so lost in them that I didn't notice that the man was kissing me on the cheeks over and over, a wide smile was planted onto his face.

"Bloody hell, I am so happy that you are alright!" The man said holding me in his arms. I looked at him confused and sat up the best I could. I was still breathing hard causing it to hurt even more. I gasped out, "W-Where am I?" There was a female with medium sized blonde hair walked up and said, "You are in the emergency room. Elizabeta and I found you laying down on the sidewalk after we heard a gun shot. We rushed and saw that it was you. Once we brought you here..."

"They called all of us and I got here as fast as I could. I am so sorry for letting this happen! If we hadn't had that fight about my wanker brothers then this would have never happened! This is all my bloody fault. Can you ever ever forgive me love?" The man pleaded. I tilted my head. what was this man talking about and who exactly WAS this man in front of me begging for forgiveness? In fact, who were all of these people here?! I didn't know what to say but I must have said something that made everyone gasped in horror.

"W-What the bloody hell do you mean who am I?! I am your bloody husband to be! This is no time to be asking stupid questions!" The man said with a hint of anger in his voice. There was another girl with long brown hair walked up to him, placing a hand onto his shoulder and said, "Arthur...That shot to the head may have caused her to loose her memory."

The man known as Arthur that stood in front of me was filled with shock and his expression on his face was what seemed to be that he was filled with hurt. I reached
out to touch his face but it hurt to move and I ended up wincing in pain. Arthur looked back at me and said, "Tina...No matter what...I WILL restore your memory. No matter what I am to help you and be by your side. Forever and Always."

The one girl that walked up to him said, "Come on you guys. Lets leave them alone." With that said, everyone but Arthur left the room.

"A-Arthur..." I panted out, completely out of breath.

"Yes love?" His voice was full of concern and he took my hands into his own.

"I....I am so confused..." I was breathing hard again this time and he helped me lay back down and laid down next to me, pulling me into his arms.

"I know Tina....I know..." Was all he said until I fell asleep desperate to remember what happened.
Here is the beginning of Lost Memory~ I had to make it and this will have all the countries in it and My OC character Tina Rain. In here she is NOT Tina Kirkland, she is Tina Rain.
:iconcuteenglandplz: :iconsaysplz: she will be soon though~

Part 2: [link]
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October 22, 2012
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