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"Yo dude! Ready to go to the party?" Alfred, one of your friends, yelled outside of your door. "You are so slow _____!"

"I need time to get ready Alfred! I need to look my best!" You shouted at him while making one last curl in your hair. You were wearing your favorite dress with matching boots. You curled up your hair and had a tiny white bow in it. You had on that one necklace that your friend, Elizibeta, gave to you. It was a small golden heart.

You opened up the door to see Alfred in awe once laying his eyes on you. "WOW ____! You don't look like yourself. You look like a hot chick!" You gave him a strong punch in the arm for that comment. Even though you didn't look like yourself, he can still say the stupidest things at times. "Lets just go before I kill you." You growled at him as he grabbed him arm in pain.

Alfred took you to his party and it looked like an all boys party. You were the only girl that was there! Alfred was about to walk off until you stopped him and pulled him by your side as hard as you could. "ALFRED F. JONES!! WHY AM I THE ONLY GIRL HERE?!" You yelled at him with full anger and hate.

There were a lot of heads turning to you and Alfred. You gulped once you noticed and let go of him. You were speechless and a bit scared. There was this one guy that came up to the two of you. It was Alfred's brother, Arthur. "Bloody hell _____! Don't yell, plus you aren't the only girl here. Francis is coming soon and is sure to be bringing some other girls."

You looked down and mumbled 'sorry' under your breath. The party went on and forgot about your little outburst. Soon enough there was another guy that came. He didn't have any girls with him so that disappointed you. He walked over to Alfred, Arthur, and you.

"Yo Francis, dude! Where are the chicks? We thought for sure that you were going to bring some." Alfred said in his annoying voice. Francis only chuckled. "Bonjour Alfred, Arthur, and who is this?" He said looking at you with a small smirk. "I'm _____. You must be Francis."
"Oui Oui, madam. I am Francis. Nice too meet you, _____." He said as he took your hand and kissed the back of it. You blushed at his actions and looked down. Arthur looked at him. "Don't think about it Francis. She won't do it with you." The reason why Arthur was a little protective of you was because you were like his sister and Alfred and him were your brothers. So if anyone touches you, they will kill the guy.

"I am not allowed hitting on such a beautiful female? I wasn't going to do anything to her." Francis said and the truth was he meant it. Arthur and Alfred didn't believe him at all since he said that about ever other girl.

~Francis's P.O.V.~

I really meant it that time. I didn't want to get to it with _____. Which was one of the strangest things ever in my life! Once I saw a beautiful girl, I would always want to do that but something about  _____, just, I couldn't explain it at all what I was feeling.

"Dude, don't mess with her! We mean it." Alfred said to me in a angry tone. He is almost never upset and angry. They are acting like she is his sister! Which I know that she is not. I would have met her already if she was. I only let out a sigh and walked away to talk to Ivan and Wang.

About 2 hours have pasted and I couldn't get _____ out of my head. I kept glancing over at her for a very long time and saw her smiling and giggling. She looked just...Words couldn't explain it at all on how incredible she looked.

I saw her sit down on the couch with a drink in her hand. Ivan saw my stare and said, "You have been looking at ____ for a while. Why not talk to her, da?" Wang added on, "Just don't try to get her in bed with you. She is too smart for that!" I sighed and walked over to her.

She smiled at me. "Hi Francis! Come sit next to me." I felt my cheeks getting hotter and did what I was told. She started ask me a bunch of questions unlike all the other girls I talked to. I tried my best to make her laugh or even to get out a tiny giggle from her mouth and I was lucky on a while bunch of levels. Everything was perfect until Alfred and Arthur came up.

Arthur said, "Time to go _____. It is getting late and we should take you home." ____ got up and reached in her pocket to pull out a piece paper. "Here." She said and handed me it. She left after that. I looked at the paper and it had her phone number on it and said 'Give me a call sometime' with a small heart. I just then realized what I was feeling.

I was love.
Well here you go France lovers~
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