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I was walking around in the dark. My boyfriend completely left me alone after dumping me. I had to walk all the way home and the best part was, that he left me on a street where there are drunken people all around! Mainly guys, so some kept coming to me and I tried my best to dodge them.

Eventually, I hit something hard and fell to the ground. "O-Oh. I-I'm so s-sorry! I wasn't l-looking where I w-was going." I heard a calm, gentle voice tell me. I could tell that it was a male and thought that he was drunk. I was wrong when he helped me up and by the way his voice was shaky.

"It's ok, it is very dark. I need to take half of the blame." I said and smiled. I wanted to get a good look at his face and that chance came when a car came by shinning a light on the both of us. He had glasses, blonde hair and one piece curled out, he had a smile on, he had blue eyes. He was wearing a light brown coat with brown strips making an X shape, and had on dark pants.

"Are you ok miss?" He asked me. I started blushing on how kind he was and responded, "Oh y-yes, I am fine. I'm just trying to get home." I could tell that he was smiling because he said, "I could take you home. It is too dark for a girl to walk home by herself. My car is right here." I turned around seeing a car behind me. I looked back up at him a wondered how red my face was.

"T-Thanks! Oh I forgot to say, my name is ______, _____ _____." I said and held out my hand. He shook it and responded, "I'm Matthew Williams. Nice to meet to ____." He guided me to his door and I sat shotgun.

'Matthew is very sweet, kind, cute....STOP! What are you thinking _____? You just met the boy and you just got dumped. Don't rush things this time. I thought on the way. We got to my house and I hopped out of his car. "____." I heard him say before I opened up my door. I turned around to see him standing in front of me. "Yes Matthew?" I asked.

"Well, w-would you l-like to see me a-again f-for lunch sometime?" He stuttered out. He was still smiling, which made me giggle. "Sure!" I said, "I would love to!" He came over and gave me his phone number, as I gave him mine. He went back to his car and drove off with a big smile on his face. I walked inside and smiled ear to ear.
Well, he is a story for CANADA FANS! Lucky girls~
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Senpaimagicalchan Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013
Here i think you messed it up it should go..." Canada got really waisted and had anonymous sex witha hooker he met some girl on the way home he decided to help try to get in her pants however this girl was crazy *lesbehonestnow* he decided to drop her off instead he realised he accidentley gave her his phone number Canada then kills himself THE END" [link]
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August 12, 2012
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